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Debt defines the way Gen Z sees education and their future. The increasing cost of college has made debt a daunting, yet inevitable part of education. Unlike other generations, Gen Z is questioning whether college is truly worth it. Many are taking on student debt regardless, but recognize the fact that it’s a lifelong burden they’ll need to reconcile in the future.

And while they value financial security, they know it doesn’t come easily. Experiencing the recession and its consequences firsthand showed Gen Z that financial security isn’t a given. This has shaped their views of money, placing an increased value on security, balance, and self-control. Which is why their idea of success is so closely tied to money and careers.

In pursuit of their financial security, they are maximizing their earning potential by taking advantage of the digital economy. Growing up in the world of digital, Gen Z has access to novel, modern ways of earning—such as online marketplaces, social media, and remote freelancing.

To learn how these shifts are shaping their conversations around money, and how they’re choosing the brands to buy into, download the full report.

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