U.S. Open | Chase

Creating fomo-inducing experiences


New ways to stand out

Sponsoring brands at the US Open suffer from being surrounded by a sea of sameness year after year. In 2023, Chase was looking for new ways to stand out from the competition and persuade Chase customers to sign up for the Chase Pass to ensure an elevated and positive US Open experience with Chase.

They required a new visual langauage flexible enough to include the entire fan experience, from Chase booths, to the kiosks, Chase Lounge, Chase Terrace and mobile charging stations.


Ace the Open with Chase

A rally bringing fans to victory by unlocking more of what the Open has to offer and stand out from competitors in a literally crowded space.

SPCSHP expanded the newly developed visual identity and created a full visual language and tone of voice that clearly amplifies the benefits of Chase Pass, albeit with a bit of playfulness.

We worked hand-in-hand with our media partners to ensure our communication planning was in service of Chase’s media goals and aligned to business objectives, and to deliver bespoke, channel-first creative. And we supported in-market execution by providing templated designs for broad, modular application, as well as robust production oversight, including site visits for final fabrication.

Reinforcing Benefits

Before the Open, fans needed to learn how to unlock the best experience with the Chase Pass.

On Site

The goal on-site was to outdo the previous year, with a cohesive and
fomo-inducing experience.

A Collaborative partnership

Drawing on SPCSHP’s expertise in conceptualization and CAA's deep understanding of immersive experiences, we worked in collaboration to meticulously curate every aspect of the Chase Lounge and Terrace to evoke a sense of playful sophistication.

Within the Chase Lounge, friendly reminders were shared with Chase customers to sign up for the Chase Pass.

Custom embroidered hats were created on site and given 
to everyone who visited the Chase Lounge.

Free give-aways for Chase customers were provided at the Chase Lounge and Chase Terrance.

Driving participation

The goal on-site was to undo the previous year, with a premium, elevated look and feel that gets people excited about level of detail, care and excellence that Chase brings to the US Open experience.

Along with Chase Pass benefits, Chase offered mobile charging devices and free-giveaways to all US Open attendees. These additional benefits were communicated during matches on the digital boards and clearly labeled across signage and kiosks throughout the venue.

Mobile Charging Station

Fans don’t want to miss a minute of the action, so Chase offered all US Open attendees complimentary mobile charging devices, to stay powered up and make sure they were making the most of the Open.

This was Chase's most successful Open ever, with 71% of attendees engaging with Chase in some way.


Along with Chase, J.P. Morgan has had a long history of proudly sponsoring the US Open. Throughout their years of engagement, they have been
a supporter of equal prize money for both women and men at the Open. Our ambition was to continue and amplify the ongoing support JPM and Chase bring to USO.


71% engagement rate

12% participation increase

1.5M social views

$5.4M increase in revenue